"Quintilianus Twinning," Teyrnon shouts causing Quint to
stop abruptly and turn at the same time, almost forcing him to
topple over. "One last thing, and it's the most important. You
must not ever, not even a glance, look back at the city Culmen.
If you do, temptation will be too great and you will return. You
will fail everyone. And it will kill your father. Promise me you won't."


Quint nods, "I promise."

Dilapidated buildings, waterfalls, rivers, cliffs, forests, boats and snow. All elements of JD's childhood as he imagined himself in the scenes of his favorite works, or acting out the ones from his own imagination.


As he got older, the acting may have subsided, but the imagination didn't. JD still spends every free moment in the fantasy world inside his head creating wild worlds and off beat characters for his own amusement and the amusement of others.


JD loves the rich worlds created by many of the sci-fi and dystopian greats. He submerges himself in their books, shows and movies, allowing their beauty and excitement to take him places normal life just can't.


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Indie Author J.D. LaFrance's Novel Quint: The Boy, The Book and the Buildings

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