When his attention is set upon the icy lands of Glacialis he becomes a Glacier, being able to empathize with the frozen people of the land, but reveling in the thought of eating the freshest fish, sliding down the hills with the other children and diving into the frigid oceans to tame the wild whales and drag them to shore by hand. He stands on the deck of their massive ships and captains his way out into the frozen seas.

Quint is at a loss. He’s never been on a ship before and never learned what to do in a crisis at sea. His mind is racing. He’s thinking of all the things that he could’ve done differently. He could have stayed with Wido and lived in exile. At least he’d be alive and happy with his father. He could have stayed in Glacialis and chosen another five instead of betting on Landok and his crew. He could’ve gone another route and avoided this disaster altogether.


Quint’s heart pounds through his chest. The pumping blood thuds in his ears. A pounding so loud that it drowns the screaming of the wind and the smacking of the rain against the deck. Quint is trapped inside himself. Almost as though he’s an observer as someone else controls his body.


Through all the pain and fear, anxiety and anticipation, Quint can’t turn his brain off. He’s heard stories of the amazing shipwrights of Glacialis, how their boats are strong, sturdy, indestructible. But as he stands on this boat, in this storm, he has a hard time believing any of them to be true. 


The wind and the waves are making the boards bend and twist. There are times when they separate completely, allowing water to rush in. The gaps always close up, but Quint knows that the boards are growing weaker by the second, with every bend and every twist. He knows that they will eventually snap. And soon.