Nothing bothered young Quint as he grew from the six-year-old lying on his back watching the night sky to the fourteen-year-old he is today. Nothing could pry the smile from his face, or break the chamber of happiness that lives in his heart. 


Quint has the greatest thing anyone, adult or child, could ask for. Quint has the greatest view in the world, the greatest view in any world. Like I said, Quint lives on the outermost edge of Culmen, one step farther and he would fall over the edge and bounce and roll down the rocky face of the mountain and, most likely, impale himself on some sharp, jagged rock the city was built upon. 


And since there was nothing blocking Quint's view of the world, he could see everything. Everything from the ground under his feet to the farthest reaches of Tellus, wrapping the entire planet and almost to his back.  


Wherever he looks the view magnifies, tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of times so that it’s like he is standing in even the most remote areas the planet has to offer.