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In the Beginning

If you read my bio, then you already know that I’m from a small town in Western New York were the locals like to boast that there are more cows than people. So, as you could imagine, life wasn’t at all exciting.

Growing up, the favorite pastimes of the youth consisted of cruising the streets and hanging out on one of the two street corners in the hope that something may come along that was actually worth doing. But, fortunately for me, I had a great - to the standards surrounding me - imagination.

I was drawn to movies like The Princess Bride, books by authors like Roald Dahl and shows like - don’t judge me here - Power Rangers. I know, I know, that list is a haphazard collection of things that don’t go together. But they do. They have action, adventure and humor. They all have fantasy. Everything I was drawn to, everything I watched and read, that stuck with me, gave me a sense of role play.

There wasn’t much where I grew up, but there was great landscape. Everything I wanted, it had. I could climb the cliffs of insanity. I could sit atop a huge tree, a.k.a. The BFG. I could do battle with the alien terrorists in any vacant lot or empty field. There wasn’t a scene too big or a role too large for me to play and often times I would find myself adding a new character - me - to the stories I loved so much.

But as time went by, things began to change. I had fewer and fewer friends to join me in my adventures until one day I was left alone. I was forced to grow up. My friends were no longer children and, apparently, neither was I. I didn’t want to let that part of my life go. I didn’t want to grow up. So I had to make a choice.

I started to internalize my adventures. Instead of fencing with Inigo Montoya in one of the many broken down, abandoned buildings my town had to offer, I would sit in my friends room and was transported to the round table where I was a knight on the court with King Arthur while my friends would play video games, joke and laugh. I often missed their jokes and missed their fun, but to me I was having more fun than they could ever imagine.

Eventually I realized that this fantasized version of myself could be anyone and be anywhere. I wasn’t bound to someone else’s creation. In their world with their rules. I realized that I could create my own. And that’s when the floodgates opened.

I created characters. I created worlds. I created lives and stories. All for me and all in my head. They weren’t all related, they didn’t all live in the same time or place, but they all became very real. The histories and lore, their holidays and fairy tales, the legends, heroes and villains all came alive. And I knew that I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore.

This is me, and this is my blog. And what you just read, was the beginning of Tellus...


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