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The Revalation

How would I tell my story? My stories? I had a lot to think about in the early days of Quint, and even earlier days of Tellus. I fought with myself over what I thought would be the best approach. And it's changed many times – and I'm sure will change even more.

When you read Quint, you'll read a lot about the story of the Rhyes. And in my first draft, there was even more. I had chapters dedicated to them. I told the reader everything they needed to know about their story and history. I left no mystery or imagination about who they are and why they are important to the story of Quint. I gave too much time to the Rhyes.

I had to rework it. But a story happening thousands of years after the rise and fall of the Rhyes – that depends so much on the early history of Tellus – would be impossible to tell without letting the reader in on my secrets. So I created “The Ancient War.” And if you read the Tellus page, you know what that is.

The Ancient War became the prologue to Quint. I wrote a second chapter, a continuation to the Ancient War - “The War Turns Cold” - and put it in the middle. These chapters gave enough history but still left a little mystery. I could delete the chapters of the Rhyes and be happy. I could write one or two chapters a book to give my reader a sense of understanding as to how and why we are here.

But that still didn't feel right.

And then it hit me. And I'm not sure how or why it did. But it did, and I'm thankful for it.

All my stories, all my characters, everything I've dreamed up and imagined over the years, has one common thread that I didn't see before. They were all affected by the Rhyes.

There are things that happen in history that affect every generation going forward. But every generation has a different perspective on them. Details change. Events forgotten. Horrors fade. This is no different on Earth as it is on Tellus. My story, the story of the Rhyes, the single most important event on the planet Tellus, would be told through the generations.

I could have stories of characters that you've already met. And I will. In Quint you'll meet Vance Favalolo. He's around 85 years older than Quint when their paths cross, and in my second book, you'll get to know Vance's story. But you'll also learn more of the history of the Rhyes.

I can have stand alone stories, with new characters that you've never heard from before and will never see again. But you'll still get to hear and learn more of the the legends.

I had found my connection. And I knew how I was going to tell my story. The story of Quint. The story of Tellus. And the story of the Rhyes.

I was finally happy with the direction my story was heading.

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