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Hail to the... Vance!

Let's take a step away from Quint for a moment and talk about my upcoming book: The Rise and Fall of Vance Favalolo.

If you've read Quint, or are going to read Quint, then you should/will have a familiarity with Vance. He's the Giant King of Truncatis and a giant himself – though not a very big one – and has a terrible grudge against Culmen, the Capital City of Tellus, for their crimes against humanity.

When we meet Vance in Quint's story, he's an old man, a really old man. He's pushing 100 and his faculties are beginning to fail him. He begins to question his life's choices and starts to wonder if he's losing touch. He is going through, what we will call, an end-life crisis all because of the 15 year old Culmen boy who showed up in his jungle and didn't act the way he expects all Culmenians to act.

Now that we have a little back story on Vance out of the way for our friends who haven't yet read Quint, we can get on to the topic at hand: The Rise and Fall of Vance Favalolo.

Vance, as of now, is the planned second book in my Tellus series. I take you on his life's journey, from birth to death, as we discover more about the man, his struggles and abilities, while learning more about the history of Tellus and taking a step closer to why Quint was put in the situation he was in. Even though Quint makes only a small cameo appearance in Vance's story, everything, ultimately, is all about him.

Vance has been a fun book to write so far and he is, arguably, my favorite character. I will keep you posted on the trials, challenges and triumphs of Vance and my writing of Vance as the book progresses and the weeks go on and I hope you come to love and appreciate Vance as much as I do.

Thank you for reading.

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