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Where the Story Leads

I may have already said this, but I think it's important, because I don't want to confuse my readers, so I'm going to say it again. The story of Tellus, and especially the story of Quint, doesn't follow a nice, neat, chronological time line. In fact, the story of Quint, even though he makes appearances in other books, doesn't even revolve entirely around him. The story of Quint progresses backward in time, with new heroes telling their stories while uncovering answers to some questions that swirl around Quint.

The next book in line is the story of Vance Favalolo.

I began Vance with a clear outline, a clear progression of how I wanted and thought the story would go. But something happened along the way: the story has taken me places in Tellus that I have never been, and never knew existed. It has introduced me to characters that I have never met before. It has guided me and has taken me where it wants to go, rather than me forcing it to fit into the strict outline I set out with.

The magic that's in Vance, and the power that he has, that he had in Quint, is there. But how he discovered it and honed it was a surprise. The birth and life of Viktor, although planned to be told in this book, is wildly different than what I planned. And the creation and building of Galil, the Capital City of Truncatis, was something I never imagined.

If you've read Quint, then you'll know Vance's ability, you'll know Viktor, and you'll know how the city is designed and constructed. You will learn the secrets behind them. But we will also answer more questions, and maybe raise others, surrounding Elle Tor and Teyrnon. And you'll get a glimps at the war ahead.

I can say these detours, where the story took control, did, occasionally, happen in Quint, and it was fun and exciting when I allowed it to happen. But nothing to the extent that it's happening for Vance.

I had ideas for what I wanted, and thought, Vance was going to be, but the story took me somewhere else. So who am I to argue?

“You have to write the story that wants to be written.” - Madeleine L'Engle

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