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Building Tellus

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Quint lately. Not the story of Quint, but the world I built for his story. At times it feels almost flat, like I only created the world for the events of Quint. Part of me feels like I didn’t do enough to build the world up for future stories in different parts of the nations of Tellus that I hope to explore someday. Part of me wants to go back and rewrite the book, just to add more depth to the planet.

I want to go back and talk about how Culmen isn’t all poor; there are different classes ranging from the 1% all the way down to the poorest of the poor, like Quint and Wido. There are Universities and, even though I mentioned this in Quint, the observatory. There are a wide range of jobs, just like in every city, that range from the the mundane to the exciting.

I want to go back into Eremus and explain that not every city is a city like Shoimyr. Actually, it’s the exception, not the norm. Most places in Eremus are simple and modest, living in mud homes while others lie in hollowed out dunes. And it’s extremely rare for a city to be protected by a wall. I want to explore the akzaah more. I want to talk about their dens and communities; their maze-like tunnels deep under the desert.

In Truncatis, it feels like I led you to believe that every home and every building is carved into the kapok trees. When, in fact, that is a unique quality of Galil; a feature and idea of Vance Favalolo.

I want to mention how in Glacialis, there are villages that are too far inland and don’t rely on the fish or grain that we saw in Kaiku. There are other port cities, with other captain and shipwrights and fishers that help support the country. I briefly touched on the Mages in the mountains, but I feel like I didn’t emphasize their importance enough or explain how, when school is in session, it’s the most populated place in all of Glacialis. Almost every child in the entire nation goes there. What you saw in Avra is pretty much what you get. There isn’t much more to them, their war has raged for so long that it’s pretty much consumed every corner, and every person, in the nation.

That leaves us with Lignum. Which I left a mystery on purpose.

I wanted to go back and rewrite the book, just to add this depth, and more. There were times where that’s all I could think about. But then something happened. I re-watched Futurama and it eased my worries. There’s an episode - The Mutants are Revolting - that showed me that I don’t have to build the world too much further than the scope of my story. We all know that there are other parts of the world, of our countries, of our states. Sure we assume, some times, that everything is pretty much the same. But then our story takes us there and we see how different things can be.

That’s what the episode showed me. We all knew that the mutants lived under New New York because that’s what the show told us. But, until that episode, I never thought about them living them having a story outside of the scope of what the show gave to us. Which is a terrible fault on my part, I know. But it made me realize that that is, and should be, happening with my story too.

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