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A Son Graduates

Wow, life has been busy. I never thought that things would be so crazy, so hectic, when you have a kid graduating from high school and preparing to go off to college. But, that’s how it’s been. It seems like every time I turn around, we have something else to do or something else to pay for.

Now, I’m not complaining, it has been fun, it’s just been tough - in regards to my writing, of course. But that hasn’t stopped me, don’t worry, I just had to get a little more creative with how I structure my time.

It’s fun. And a little scary - sending a kid off to school seven hours away. And a little exciting - sending a kid off to school seven hours away.

Of course we’re all proud of him, graduating 9th in his class with almost enough college credits to have an associates degree already and getting accepted into the University Scholars Program. With his mother going crazy and freaking out, thinking he will never be able to make it without her. Though we all know that it’s her that won’t be able to make it without him. But for some reason, fair or not, it seems like all that is getting pushed aside for all the planning and inviting and shopping and for all the other little, tedious activities that go along with the graduation, the party, and the multiple trips to the college.

Well, I guess this blog is a little different than those past, but that’s what’s been on my mind, so I decided I’d share. And before I forget, I did write the next installment of The Ancient War. It’s called The War Turns Cold.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

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