When he looks into the jungles of Truncatis he imagines he is a Truncatian. He's harvesting and eating the sweetest fruits and smelling the most exotic, fragrant flowers. He's swinging from their vines and wrestling with their Gladiator Apes. He's a giant among giants. He's their most decorated hunter and fearless gladiator. And every time he goes there he's exalted by the king. 

The wide pathways that sliced through the jungle to create the city are a maze. All the homes and market stalls are carved into the kapok trees with such elegance and beauty that Quint is certain they were done by the talents of the artists of Lignum. 


“Did the Lignumians build your city?” Quint asks as Finn and Vance escort him from the Gallows Pit. Not yet feeling the weight of the trouble he’s gotten himself in.


Vance’s head snaps so fast toward Quint that it threatens to break off. A short, airy laugh escapes his throat, “I don’t have much patience for the men of Culmen, but I will trade with them if it serves my purpose. I will not, however, do any business with the likes of the... the...” Vance struggles for the right insult. “The creatures, the beasts, the slime of Lignum.”

“I’m sorry. I just-”


“Silence!” The wrath spews from Vance’s lips. 


Quint and Finn recoil. Afraid of a man who is, at best, a third the size of Finn and appears twice as fragile as Quint.


“Why is he being allowed to talk?” Vance sends his rage up to Finn. “Gag him. And while you’re at it, drag him.”